What is a BLURB?

A BLURB consists of a fullscreen photo with an overlay. The ovelay includes a title, a subtitle and a concise description or message. Blurbs on a PAID platform can include icon links to a map and your web presence (e.g., website URL, facebook, twitter, instagram, others).

What is a STACK?

A stack is a set of related BLURBS; together they tend to tell a tight story, but don't have to.

What is a PLATFORM?

A platform is a stack of stacks! You have your own platform on INVISIBLE GARDEN; use it wisely, or however you'd like.

Building a PLATFORM

A platform gives you lots and lots of visibility. In addition to posting temporary EVENT blurbs, you can showcase your PRODUCTS, SKILLS and SERVICES. You can use your platform as a PUBLICITY engine.

What do I need?

Just a few big, interesting pictures, and whatever you want to say.

How BIG (photos)?

Photos taken with a cellphone camera are at least 1500 px in width. That's good enough, but 1800 - 2400 px would be even better.

Who can work on my platform?

On PAID platforms you can assign helpers to edit. All you need is their email address. You can assign each editor to one, two, or more of your stacks.

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